The Group Support Brigade carries out the function of providing operational communication services within the Blue Mountains District through duty in the operations room, working rostered shifts (after hours and weekends), in the field from the Operational Command Vehicle (OCV) or at divisional commands (Div Comms) during major incidents. The Brigade also provides aviation radio operators at airfields during major incidents.


In the operations room, members provide communications to Brigades via the Rural Fire Service's radio networks and other mediums. The operations room has direct contact with the NSW Fire Brigades triple zero call and operational communications centre, and operators liaise with Police, SES, National Parks, Council and other agencies as required.


Group Support members provide service in the operations room on weekends, public holidays and outside of normal business hours through a roster system. The roster is produced each three months and provides a Deputy Captain / Supervisor and three members on each shift. During major incidents members are rostered on shifts to provide 24 hour radio coverage as well as providing operators for the OCV, at Div Comms and Air Radio Operators.

During major incidents members of other Brigades, personnel from other districts and even the Air Force may be brought in to provide additional cover.


Field communications are provided via the Operational Command Vehicle, which can be located in most areas requiring support. Members also support Divisional Commands during major incidents and further communication services are provided through the provision of Aviation Radio Operators at air fields or at other locations as required.